Sand for Seniors 2020

Rotary volunteers stayed COVID safe while filling their buckets.

Derby-Shelton Rotarians have been quite busy filling buckets of sand/salt and distributing them to senior citizens in Derby and Shelton. This year was a new record with over 140 buckets distributed in the two towns. Kim Ryan-Caro did another incredible job in coordinating the project. She worked with senior centers and the media to get the word out that Rotary would be doing this again and then she coordinated volunteers to get the sand distributed. Logistically, that was a challenge plotting out all the addresses and distributing them to the volunteers to ensure an efficient delivery that would have made to postal service or UPS proud.

The volunteers first headed to the Shelton Public Works yard to fill their buckets with the sand donated by the City of Shelton before packing their cars with the buckets and heading out to their assigned deliveries. We want to thank all the volunteers including Jeff Forte, Kristin Bures, Linda Homes-Hannon, George Howe, Drew Scott, Doug LoMonte, Mike Wynne, Julie Blakeman, Tom Wilson, Joe and Joann Shapiro, Jack Walsh, and Kim Ryan Caro as well as some of their family members and wish all of our seniors a very safe winter!

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