Football luncheon

A Rotary Thanksgiving tradition was renewed on Tuesday, November 20 when the Derby-Shelton Rotary club hosted senior members of the Derby and Shelton High School football and cheerleading teams for the annual Thanksgiving football luncheon. The event, which is held two days prior to the game, has a long and interesting […]

Annual Thanksgiving Football Luncheon

Thanksgiving Football Luncheon 2005
The tradition is alive and well as the Derby-Shelton Rotary Club set the tone for another big Thanksgiving Day Football game between the rival high schools. Shelton’s undefeated (9-0) Gaels headed to Ryan Field in Derby to face the 6-3 Red Raiders. However, two days before the game, the Rotary […]

Thanksgiving Football Luncheon 2015

The Valley Independent’s Ethan Fry reported this story from the 2013 Derby-Shelton Rotary Club Thanksgiving Football Luncheon: Pride. Respect. History. Those were the words that came up time and again Tuesday during the annual Derby-Shelton Rotary Club Thanksgiving Football Luncheon in advance of the turkey day rivalry matchup between the […]

Thanksgiving Football Luncheon 2013