Two New Members fo Derby-Shelton Rotary

Induction of new members Carolyn Dow and Felicia Monaco

Derby-Shelton Rotary was twice blessed at the meeting on September 7 when Assistant District Governor Jen Champagne inducted Carolyn Dow and Felicia Monaco into the Club – and neither one is a stranger. Carolyn is the daughter of the late and very popular member Al Patuzzi and she is a former member herself who played a very active role in the club, particularly with Shelton Day. Ernie Luise sponsored Linda whom she considers part of her family! Following Al’s passing, she took a break from the Club, but we are now thrilled to have her back.

Felcia made quite an impression on the Club earlier this year when she joined Linda Holme’s-Hannon’s team in putting on the successful Flags for Heroes event. Saying she joined the team doesn’t do her justice as Linda wanted to expand into Derby this year and her long-time friend made it happen even though she was not a member at the time. Linda served as her sponsor and let’s just say that we couldn’t let her get away, and she is now on the full Derby-Shelton Rotary team.

Welcome aboard, and we are extremely lucky to have two fantastic new members!

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