Newest Members Have Rotary “Roots”

Derby-Shelton Rotary has been around for more than 90 years, so it’s no surprise to see generations of members with strong Rotary “roots”, and that is the case with our two newest members – Betsy Doane and Carolyn Dow. Betsy’s roots go all the way back to her uncle, John Lombardi who served as president of the Club back in 1942-1943. Carolyn’s roots don’t go back as far, but they are even stronger as her father Al Patuzzi is still an active member of the Club and has held a variety of offices.

We don’t know how many other uncle-niece of father-daughter combinations we’ve had, but we do know that we also currently have the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Ernie Luise and Jen Champagne who are definitely the first mother-daughter combinations to also serve as presidents!

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