Rotarians Return to Read Across America

Books for Read across America 2022

One of the favorite programs of Derby-Shelton Rotarians has been their participation in the Read Across America Program. Rotarians have been visiting the lower grades in schools in Derby in Shelton for years to read to students and then to donate the books to the school libraries. VOVID made in-person visits impractical though books were still donated. Things are getting back to normal and Rotarians have returned to the classrooms. Kim Ryan Caro is coordinating the program as she has done for years and a number of Rotarians have already made visits to read and more will be doing so in the next few weeks. Here’s just a partial listing:

Bradley School – Linda Homes-Hannon
St. Mary’s – St. Michael’s – Jack Walsh
Irving School – Pat Tarasovic
Holy Trinity Catholic Academy – Ernie Luise
Elizabeth Shelton School – Vickie Kirn, Sue Paul, Joe and Joanne Shapiro
Long Hill School – Rosemary Allen and John Zseller
Booth Hill School – Lucy Andrade
Sunnyside School – Linda Homes-Hannon & others
Booth Hill – Lucy Andrade and Shelton High seniors Alysa Jardim & Rosie McGrath

Read Across America - Booth Hill Read Across America - Booth Hill Read Across America - Booth Hill

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