Rotarians “Read Across America”

Jack Walsh and Arlene Greco were just two of this year’s readers.

Members of the Derby-Shelton Rotary Club spent a lot of time in classrooms in schools in Derby and Shelton in recent weeks participating in the Read Across America Program. Rotarians had a lot of fun reading to children in Kindergarten through Grade 3 in the following schools:

Booth Hill
Elizabeth Shelton
Long Hill
St. Lawrence

St. Mary-St. Michael

The following Rotarians read this year: Doug LaMonte, Chris Clouet, Judy Gulish, Justyna Januck, Tom Wilson, Drew Scott, Lisa Bisson, Arlene Greco, Shawna Vallilo, Julie Blakeman, Shaye Roscoe, Jen Champagne, Pat Carey, Jen Champagne, George Howe, Joanne   , Ernie Luise,  Silvia Rodriguez, Linda Holmes, Cindy Rinaldi, Pat Tarasovic, Diane Stroman, Jack Walsh and John Zseller.

The Club purchased the age-appropriate books for each class and the readers left the books behind for future enjoyment for the students.


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