Rotarians Distribute Sand for Seniors

In a continuing Derby-Shelton Rotary tradition for the holidays, volunteers are distributing over 100 buckets of a sand/salt mixture for use by seniors in Derby and Shelton this winter. With the first accumulating snowfall of the winter slated for this weekend, the timing is perfect!

These volunteers distributed the buckets this year: Joe and JoAnn Shapiro, Doug LaMonte, Tom Wilson, Lorraine Inzerra, Rosemary Allen, Kim Ryan Caro, Jeff Forte, Linda Holmes-Hannon, Jack Walsh, Mike Synne, Phoebe Gonzales, Julie Blakeman, Drew Scott, Sal Rio, Chris Carey, Tina Cerrone. The group was also assisted by several members of the Shelton Public Works Dept. who helped to fill the buckets.

Kim Ryan Caro coordinated the project for the Club and Joe Shapiro facilitated the distribution with personalized GPS directions for each of the volunteers doing the delivery.

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