Derby/Shelton Rotary Club


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In 1999, the Mayor of the City of Shelton asked Rotary if the Club would assume the responsibility of Shelton Day. Shelton Day was a function of the Businessmanís Association, whom no longer had the membership to keep this function going. We assumed this task with the gusto of all our Rotary projects, even though we did not anticipate much of a profit. Hate to admit it, but we were wrong.

Since the money raised was from a Community Service, we felt it needed to be given back to the Community, with Rotary realizing the recognition. Low and behold, the local Economic Development Commission was in the process of soliciting funds to erect WELCOME TO SHELTON" signs. What better way to give back to the Community and also be able to advertise our Rotary functions.

We immediately went to action. Contacted a local sign maker with our proposal, including not only a "Welcome Sign", but also one that on the reverse side would state "Thank You for Visiting". In addition, the plans also included our Name and the Rotary Emblem. As an after fact, we made arrangements to have the sign high enough off the ground so that hooks could be installed underneath, enabling us to advertise any special events or time and date of meeting. The next step was location, requiring us to make an application to the State Department of Transportation.

Finally the day of installation was upon us. A total of six signs were ordered, and were installed at state highway intersections creating the most traffic in town. (Route 8 at Exits 10, 12, and 14; Route 108 at the Trumbull Border; and Route 110 at the Stratford and Monroe Borders)

The first comment received regarding this sign was from a Rotarian from an adjoining community. His comments began with "WOW". The sign was great, but the publicity for Rotary is not only beneficial for our Club, but the Rotary Emblem was outstanding and would be beneficial to the adjoining area clubs.

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