Ripton School Landscape Gets a Rotary Facelift

President Jeff Merrill dispatched a Derby/Shelton Rotary work crew to help reshape the landscaping around the playground and front entrance to the school on May 15. Rotarians who participated included Merrill, Gary Sochrin, Al Patuzzi, Don Ryan, Jack Walsh, Frank Madar, Mike Santa, Ernie Luise, Ed Sheehy and Bev Brown. They planted shrubbery and built provided new wooden edging along existing sidewalks and fences.

The previous week, another crew had performed similar duties at the Shelton Community Center as part of the City's Adopt-a-Garden program. Members of that work crew included Jeff Merrill, Don Ryan, Ernie Luise, Gary Sochrin, Ron East, Charlie Priddle, and John Scott. Jeff Merrill's gas powered tiller made the work easier as the group planted azalea bushes, flats and flats of impatients and spread mulch. Many thanks to Wayne Strever who chaired the project and Mike Santa whoprovided the donuts for coffee break!

Thanks for a job well done!

Ripton Project Photo Album

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Breakfast on the run Al Patuzzi Moving the 4X4
Backbreaking Work? Ernie Luise Frank Madar
Getting it straignt Bev Brown

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