Booth Applications Now Available

It’s never too early for vendors to start thinking about Shelton Day. This year the process will be a bit different as vendors will apply directly using our new online¬†booth registration form. It’s quick and easy and we urge vendors to sign up early. Returning vendors are guaranteed their existing booth site or first shot at a new one becoming available, but only if the booth registration is submitted by June 1. Click here to register now.

Groups interested in entertaining at Shelton Day can also submit their application online by clicking here.


Shelton Day 2017 – Save the Date for 2018

Shelton Day is always very special day in downtown Shelton on the first Sunday in October every year, and 2017 was no different. Thousands of people descended on Howe Avenue for another full day of fall fun on a perfect fall day.

We want to thank all our vendors and entertainers for making it such a perfect day.

With that, we will be turning our attention to 2018, and you should save the date now – October 7, 2018. You can use the links above to find out everything that you need whether you are a vendor or just a visitor.

The 2018 booth application process is now on-line and you can simply click here to register now.